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Gables, soffits and a floor plan review?

11 years ago

I took a break from the BAH forum recently and in the meantime we shifted our focus somewhat. We still want to build, but something less expensive and complicated. I had a floorplan that I loved, but it was just getting too large and expensive to build. We found a new plan and I'm preparing to request modifications to it as well as start speaking to potential builders. Before I do though, I'd like to get some feedback.

There are a few fairly minor things I would change, before I get to those I'd like to ask:

Are there too many gables? And, what do you think about the soffits and tray ceilings?

Initially the gables didn't bother me. I liked the timber frame porch and thought it all worked and didn't look too busy. Then I read that recent thread titled "Architects, really?" and started having doubts. I did some looking around online and I think that if the main gable was turned the house could look something like this:

So which do you prefer, the original or a more farmhouse style with fewer front gables? If it matters, I would side either version in board and batten and if there are any wood beams they would be stained a natural cedar color.

And the soffits? Normally I associate them with a 70's or 80's kitchen. But I think I like them as they tie into the tray ceiling in the dining room.

As far as modifications I'm considering:
- Expand the space between the laundry area and garage to include a large mudroom, pantry and home office space. Maybe include a 3/4 bath. Possibly recess the space at the front exterior to create a secondary covered porch.
- Expand the master to include a larger bath and closet. Possibly switch the bathroom location to the interior wall.
- Kitchen layout might change and I would remove those colums at the island
- Expand the dining room by a few feet
-Remove screened porch, just have one large covered porch
- I would change the built ins surrounding the fireplace
- Remove the weird half vault in the living room. Have the ceiling all be be level
- Open up the one side if the staircase a bit.
- Possibly Expand the second floor so that the second story rear wall aligns with the first, creating more of a box. Don't necessarily need the space, would only do it if it ended up be a cheaper to construct this way.

Anything else to consider? Thanks!

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