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wolf vs dacor cooktop

15 years ago

I know there have been tons of threads on cooktops, and I've read them all - I love this site! My question is sort of specific:

deciding between wolf 36" and dacor 36" cooktop. I love how the wolf looks, and I love the rubber feet on the grates. But the dacor seems to have the bead-blasted surface under the grates that is apparently easier to clean (vs the Wolf's SS surface being scratchable). I don't think the dacor's more powerful 18k burner vs wolf's 15k one will make much difference to us.

Also, our KD suggested we get a 42"(?) hood, which I really like. But Wolf doesn't make one, so matching might be an issue?

does anyone have major trouble cleaning the wolf? is the SS underneath the grates all scratched up? does that even matter??

On your 36" wolf, what size hood do you have? If it's 42", what make is it?

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