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Halloween Trouble or 'Trouble' is in Trouble

13 years ago

Jazz Trouble decided being good was no fun I guess....

Yesterday I decided to put my new Black Cat Birdcage on the end table with the other black stuff. I moved the ravens birdcage to the front (and removed the framed picture) and put the new cage where it was on the right. It looked pretty good there I thought. I,of course, did this when Jazz was asleep in another room so he wouldn't notice. (But nothing new escapes him so that is a waste of effort on my part.) Anyway, he didn't notice it at all...

Till after midnight, when I heard a crash! I was in my den so no idea 'what or where'. Then I noticed it was

missing. He'd been determined to get the feathered owl that came with the Black Cat birdcage and knocked it off the back of table, where it crashed into my floor lamp base. No damage, except a slightly upside down owl. I told Jazz what I thought of him, and removed the new birdcage to the garage for the rest of the night

so it would get off his mind. This is the table before I added the new piece so you know what I'm talking

about. Now please note there are THREE ravens that COULD be stalked by him. The two with the little birdcage are the feathered Dollar Tree ones. The one on top of the black lighted pumpkin is a better one, with sparkles, from Michaels. He's left them alone to my total amazement.


So WHY, when I got up this morning, was my really neat, wood type, beautiful Raven in the middle of the family-room floor? The raven I specifically put UP on a candle holder UP on the fireplace mantel!!

The 'nest' was all over the carpet and the raven had lost the end of his tail. :o( I put him and the nest stuff back, and probably no one will notice his tail mishap. I haven't even found the broken piece yet, but it won't glue back on I'm sure. Here's where Jazz had to launch his attack....

and my poor beautiful raven when I first bought him.

With his pretty little tail.

Karen who's NOT happy with 'Trouble' today.

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