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Sub-Zero or KitchenAid Built-In Refrigerator?

15 years ago

I have had a built-in Sub-Zero 532 for the past 18 years. Two years ago, the evaporator needed to be replaced, but after that, it still worked. However, recently, there's been a leak from fridge (from the door, not from the insides). It's probably time for a new one.

I have narrowed it down to two choices:

1. KitchenAid - 48" Built-In Side-By-Side Refrigerator - KSSC48FTS

2. Sub-Zero 632

However, I cannot make up my mind which one I want. The KA, although its cheaper and has more features, only has one compressor and has a terrible reputation of spawning endless repairs after the warranty period.

I really like the stainless steel look at an affordable price though...

Is it really true the Sub-Zero makes long lasting fridges? What is the typical lifespan of a KA built-in fridge? 5 years? Anybody have an experience with these?

Also, what about customer service? I've heard KA treats their customers very poorly in terms of fixing fridges.

I heard Sub-Zero had a bad batch in the mid 2000s, but recently, they've fixed those problems. I don't know how true this claim is, but as of right now, I've been swinging back and forth to which fridge I should get.

What do you think guys?

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