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Miele Futura dishwashers (2011 models)

11 years ago

The Miele Futura Press-Release is now posted (see link below).

It lists some of the features, most of which are going to be on the top-end model, such as the LED lights and auto-close/open door.

One new wash mode: "Intensive. Perfect for cleaning large and heavily soiled items. Offering added flexibility, the consumer can select powerful cleaning in the lower basket, while still maintaining gentle cleaning levels in the middle basket. "

It says the price range for the models are between $1249 and $2849, but it doesn't list each model.

I guess I'll be calling up to the Miele showroom this week to see if they got any on display yet. Makes me wish I would of waited a year on buying the Diamante last summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Futura Press Release

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