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Re. Miele DW drying: comparing Optima to La Perla

12 years ago

Hello again!

So I've narrowed it down to a Miele dishwasher since my cabinets will be too shallow for the highly reputable and less-expensive Kitchenaid w/ fully integrated panel on the front.

I'm fine with getting Miele's top of the line La Perla EXCEPT that the two things I DON'T like about it are that they have a ridiculous amount of cycle options (11? Common!) and worse - the digital control panel at the top forces you to go into a menu to select what settings you want. With their less expensive, middle of the road Optima, all of the 6 settings can be seen literally printed on the top of the dishwasher so you don't have to go into a menu to select them - you just press the button until the cycle you want lights up (very intuitive - especially for my mom and other relatives who will be using this when they come over to help out)!

I've been told by Miele representatives themselves - in so many words (and have read online) - that the La Perla is borderline gimmicky having so many extra, unnecessary cycles that won't do any better of a job than the lower models which are already excellent. I'm inclined to believe that - knock on wood. The one exception however could be w/ regard to drying. I forgot to ask about that and I haven't noticed anyone online comparing the drying features between the models. The Optima has only one air pathway whereas the La Perla (and Excella which I'm not getting due to no fully integrated option) has two pathways and supposedly dry w/ cleaner air, whatever that means. In addition, the La Perla's door opens automatically at the end of each cycle which helps it dry faster. La Perlas also have slightly better baskets/cutlery tray but I think that's negligible.

I can get past the "too many cycle options" but what about the having to go into the menu to set options? How cumbersome is that? Also, isn't it generally true that the more features an appliance has, the more things there are that can break down/go wrong?

Ah, decisions, decisions. I should just consider myself lucky that I can afford to [go into debt to] get such a fancy machine in the first place (blush)!

Thanks everyone...

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