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Should I get a Viking, Blue Star or Thermador 30' Rangetop?

14 years ago

I very much prefer open burners, so if there's something made in 30" other than Blue Star or Viking, please, please, holler!

If not, I'm not really happy with any of the above (I know the Thermador has sealed burners.)

Reading the complaints on this board about Viking is enough to make me think twice. On top of that, I looked at one in the showroom the other day, and it's hard to see how those huge circular burners could hold a decent simmer and not overwhelm, i.e. send flames jumping up the sides of some of my smaller All-Clad saucepans.

As for Blue Star, sure, there are complaints about that, too. But my biggest issue is that there is no local dealer, and DH won't buy an appliance from anyone who doesn't have a local door he can pound on if he is unhappy. (There's a reason for that, involving a hot tub bought on the Internet, which essentially was many thousand dollars down the drain.)

So that brings me to Thermador. I HATE that it has sealed burners, but at least the star design would deliver some heat to the center of my wok. And I have read few complaints about Thermador rangetops on this board, except for trouble cleaning inside the stars. I am not a big cleaning person, so that won't bother me as long as it cooks really well, and I am half deaf, so I doubt the clicking on simmer would bother me either.

What say ye? Which should I buy?

Thanks a bunch!

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