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Help - wrong slab installed!

10 years ago

So I spent weeks selecting my carrara marble slab for my vanity counter. Went to no less than 5 granite yards in 2 diff states and finally found a beautiful soft gray carrara marble slab with delicate veining and that pretty dot like pattern. I got the shower bench in last week and when I saw it, it didn't look like it came from the same slab - much stronger, wider, almost brown looking veining. But as I feel like I have been a pain in my contractor's rear (and I do tend to obsess), I figured they must have just cut it from a different part of the slab and that I'd live with it bc it was only the shower bench. Today they installed the vanity top and there is NO way that it is from the slab I selected. The veining is heavy and thick - over an inch wide in places and varies from a very dark gray to a brown. Seriously it cannot be the slab I selected. Of course, after telling my contractor this and showing him the photo I took of the slab at the marble yard, he called the marble yard (and they say the block number they delivered to the fabricator is the one specified) and the fabricator says their paperwork also matches the one specified. BUT I know it's not the slab I picked. So, what to do?? I feel like if I live with it, I will always be unhappy with it. Truly, I'd never have selected this slab in a million years. (In a true unfair twist of fate, my daughters' bathroom got a remnant carrara top also installed today and theirs is fine and I'd totally have taken that one). Someone clearly screwed up here - don't know if it was the fabricator or the marble yard and don't know what to do to get what I want. Thoughts?? (Of course this particular marble yard happens to be the one that was farthest away from me - an hour and a half drive each way).

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