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Bathroom remodel, before and after photos

13 years ago

Hopefully there will be photos! I've never posted photos on this forum before.

First, I wanted to thank the many contributors who post here. It was here that I ran across a link to what turned out to be my inspiration bathroom photo. I also found so much wisdom and information and advice here, even though I just lurked and never asked any questions about my bathroom problems.

What happened was that we had a slow water leak that went on for a long time before we discovered it. Here's what the bathroom looked like after the mold mitigation crew swept through:

Then I found this inspiration photo from a link posted here a while back:

Our bathroom is obviously laid out a little different and is larger, so I decided to go with two of the vanities instead of just the one. Really I think it would have been fine with just one, but I figured for resale purposes I should go ahead and have two put in. I liked the rectangular mirror in the original but we had an electrical outlet in the way, and I think I ended up liking the oval mirrors better anyway. This is a downstairs bathroom which services two bedrooms and probably sort of doubles as a powder room for guests etc.

I still need to accessorize and put stuff up on the walls but this is what we ended up with, a couple of months later:

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