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Miele DW authorized installer and warrantee questions

14 years ago

Once again - I keep having Miele questions - sorry! :-o Hopefully this will be the last, before purchasing anyway!

Anyone have experience or opinions regarding such things, particularly re. Miele dishwashers? I'm new to all this but would like to make the best decision considering how expensive these machines are, and how expensive installation and warrantees are, coupled w/ how expensive I imagine it would be to have it fixed out of warrantee (as well as considering how rarely they supposedly break down!)...

Here are my choices:

1. I pay my contractor who is not an authorized installer a total of $105.00 to install the machine and put the panel on, and I only get a one-year warrantee from Miele.

2. I pay my contractor a total of $105.00 and I pay an additional $150.00 beyond that to get the Miele 5-year warrantee.

3. I pay a Miele-authorized installer $160.00, because they charge more of course (including another $15.00 or so to my contractor for installing the panel, because he's cheaper and it's not very hard) $175.00 total and I get the 2-year warrantee instead of 1-year since I used an authorized installer.

4. I pay a Miele-authorized installer (including the $15.00 or less to my contractor for installing the panel) $175.00 total, plus an additional $150.00 to get a 5-year warrantee (so I think that's 2 years + the additional 4, at a total of 6 years covered?)

Am I missing something? I guess that's my question! Anyone know if Miele dishwashers are terribly difficult to install for your basic handyman/contractor without such experience?

I'm not sure if this should factor in or not, but Miele has this 3-month return guarantee thing if your machine isn't as quiet and/or clean as well as your previous dishwasher. It's only valid if your machine is bought at a authorized store and installed by an authorized installer. I can't imagine needing to return a Miele when I could always get the DW fixed under warrantee for up to 5 years after that though. But it's still worth some thought. Especially - for example - if it turns out to not clean our stuck-on dishes so well as thought, and if it turns out a LaPerla or Excella would have been better-cleaning w/ their "cheese and starch" setting - hahaha. I keep reading Optimas are just as good as LaPerlas cleaning-wise, so in theory, that won't be an issue (knock on wood)!

Thanks very much!

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