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Pls Help! Large Gap between tub and tile deck...

8 years ago

I just had a Jacuzzi tub installed (and had the frame built, deck tiled, etc) and the plumber left a large gap between the edge of the tub and the tile deck. The tub is sitting on the floor but you can see where the plumber put some plastic shims to even out the tub (basically to level it since the tub was slanted)

And yes, I know he shouldn't have left the gap and it's a long story but it took several visits (first the tub wasn't level, then he used drywall mud that never dried and he finally put mortar in)... it was a mess and I know he didn't do a great job but this is where we are now and I need to resolve it....

The tile guy is coming tomorrow and he is planning on putting caulk under tub edge but it's a pretty big gap (almost 1/4" at the widest point) and I'm concerned about:

1) How it will look to have such a large caulk gap (especially since the gap is wider in some places

2) Will it hold?

If you look at the pictures (I will post 2 more) you will see that there isn't much of a tile edge left underneath the back of the tub so we may have to put something (cardboard maybe?) to at least give a frame in the back to keep the caulk in place so that it can dry.

Anyhow... does anyone have any suggestions? The options we've talked about are:

1) Just caulking the gap

2) Putting a very thin bullnose edge (like the one in front of the tile deck) in front of the edge of the tub to cover the caulk

3) Sealant? (I didn't talk with the tile guy about this but I read about it online)

Thanks so much for your help! As I said, the tile guy is coming tomorrow and I would like to have an idea of how to handle it.


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