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Class 2, don't look if you have not finished the first class :)

14 years ago

Getting this out on my lunch break:

Just some more info to ponder.

Tablesetting List/Road Map/Check list

I have this on Excel, I love using that program for stuff like this. I am putting it in word and copying it over to you all in GW. But, of course you would use what ever method suits you, most of this just comes naturally to me now, but I do like to use this check list if I see a more complicated setting that someone has done, or if I am designing one up for me. I love analyzing table settings (weird but true).

This is just how I do things, use your own taste to what will work for you, this is just an example of how I do things. Ill have a few comments to you all through this, they are just here in this case to help guide you.

Now that you have done the First Practice (donÂt peek ahead if you havenÂt done the first exercise) you will know by now to fill in the blanks with descriptive words about each item seen or that you are choosing for yourself in your table setting.


Surface layer material of the table:

Do I have to improvise the table (ex: make it bigger with plywood on top, or place a round top over a smaller table, use the extenders that came with the table..etc


Wood (what color):

Tile (any designs):




Tablecloth, color etc., print?:

Or no tablecloth

Place mats

Napkin: cloth/or for a more casual meal then paper

Table runner

Bunched cloth of some kind (ex: a shawl used as part of the centerpiece décor)


Color theme, this is important to have an understanding of what is somewhat considered an "art" choosing a color theme for your table.

Your china or other quality of dishware

Do I want to mix different brands/styles dishes in the setting?

Do I want to mix different brands/styles of glassware?

Silver ware (the standard, fork, knife, spoon) the amount of utensils depends on the courses; there are loads of online examples of proper table utensil set ups.

Glass ware: water glasses, glass for soda or orange juice, coffee, tea etc

Crystal glasses: wine, red, white, even water etc

Salt and pepper shakers (how many sets)

Salt cellars


Moving on to the Centerpiece area. This is where the fun begins.

Use a decorative tray to hold your centerpiece design; therefore itÂs easier to remove if you want.

THEME of centerpiece, object or objects you want to use, consider this to be most of the time to be your FOCAL POINT.

Basically you can use anything in your centerpiece area as your heart desires as long as you can work it in. IMHO You are only limited by your imagination and resources. There are some of the "old-timers" here on GW that have seen my table settings, so you know that I love to use everyday accessories/objects that are already in my home.

HEIGHT, if using a tall object to start with for your table setting and you are just going for the "wow" EFFECT for the guests that are mingling in the vicinity of the table, just make sure you remove it before sitting down to dine, so everyone can see each other. You can replace the taller centerpiece with a low flower arrangement, or leave the area open if you typically have food platters/items on the table for your meal. It just depends on whether you serve family style or not.

Candlesticks: what type of material, glass, crystal, metal, wood etc

Votive candle holders (donÂt use scented, it interferes with the enjoyment of the meal)

Candle color etc

Color theme of Centerpiece area: this is determined by relating it to the color and design of your dishes, the occasion etc.

Ceramic statuesÂobjects of interest.

Other small decorative objects scattered about. Example: for Christmas you might have some crystals or garland scattered through it.

Are you using place setting cards, it can be for just the plain fun of it or use it for formal use.

Keep in mind too the decorative environment surrounding your dining room table, that is important too.

There are lots of proper etiquette rules on the internet, if you are doing your table setting formally, then you probably should check on the rules if you want to be with-in "standards". I follow most of them, but I also break a few, it just depends on what the occasion is and who is dining with me.

So, you might want to do the same exercise over again, but this time add in all the descriptive features. Or, if you are feeling bored with that, try doing page 31. Let me know how you do, and of course any questions?

The next class/post will be about developing the overall theme for the table, to include the centerpiece.

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