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Toddler's Christmas Tree

9 years ago

Here it is.

I still have to make the Christmas specific ornaments: snowman, stocking, Santa, etc. But it's almost ready to go. And I'll have to figure out how to handle the star on top. Still, I wanted to post this early. It seems to me this is the sort of project there's no time for when we get into November.

I made the largest 1/2 circle I could make out of green felt and lined it with a double layer of bathing. (Why double? - because there was so much of it and I figured if I paid for it, I might as well use it.)

The radius of the half circle was 35-1/2 inches.

When shaping the cone, I only overlapped about 1/8 of the half circle, as I wanted the slope of the cone to be fairly gradual (like a Hershey's Kiss). That way, the felt ornaments would be more likely to stay in place when a toddler "slapped" them on.

You can't tell how wide the base is here, as the back of the cone is collapsed in this picture.

The whole thing took 5-1/2 bags of poly fill, plus the left over scraps of batting.

I wasn't careful about stuffing the tip of the cone. So, after it was all put together, I had to go back and rip open the seam enough to insert my finger, and add additional filling until it was firm.

Cut a circle from 1/2-inch plywood.

1/4-inch would have been sufficient (and a lot lighter too), but I used what I had on hand.

I cut it out and had to trim 3 times before it was the right size.

Stapled the cone to the bottom side of the plywood in about 8 places. Then I finished stuffing the base and stapled all around.

Also stapled on a handle, as the base is wide and this will make moving it around a lot easier.

Glued on a felt circle to the base. The edges wouldn't stay down long enough to dry, so I ended up whip-stitching it all around.

Painted some tree boughs on the cone.


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