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Need tub filler for 66' Kohler Mariposa drop in tub

11 years ago

I am seeking a recommendation for an affordable tub filler for a 66" Kohler Mariposa drop in tub. There will be a small tile deck around it. (I think the smallest area is around 4".)

This is for my parent's build and I cannot get them to budge on budget for the faucets. So far, we have lucked out with the shower/tub combo for the spare bathroom and the simple shower unit for the master bath shower. Combo unit was the Moen Caldwell ($141).

Shower unit was the Moen Banbury ($128).

Both units have been in brushed nickel and spot resistant.

Now we need a tub filler and there is not one in the Banbury line. I think we would like to stay with a similar feel and look since we may use the Banbury line for the sink faucets (multiple choices for that).

Any suggestions?

From what I have been able to view online, the Moen Brantford line is similar and has two sizes of Roman tub fillers. One comes out farther and is slightly taller than the other one - we do not know if this is needed (and is about $80 more in price.)

If you have a Mariposa tub, where is your faucet located? Are you happy with it? What is the measurement from the center of the faucet base to the center of where the water comes out?

Thank you for any advice. The tub has been ordered, but is not in yet and I know they will want the faucet soon.


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