Question for owners of Electrolux ICON all fridge & all freezer

12 years ago

Our kitchen plans currently call for an all-fridge to be placed in one corner of our kitchen and an all-freezer in another corner. In both cases, the hinged side of the appliance will be next to a wall. I know some clearance between the appliance and the wall will be required to open the door, and even more clearance (in the case of the fridge) to remove veggie bins, deli tray, etc. for cleaning. We can tolerate 5" or so, but more may be a problem.

We are seriously considering the Electrolux all fridge/all freezer but have not been able to see one in real life. I read the specs/installation instructions online, and they say 4" clearance between appliance & wall would be required to open the door to 90 degrees, but that removal of bins would be restricted. Specs don't say what the clearance has to be to get the bins out. Any help out there?

I have this problem now with my Kenmore SXS, so I have to pull the entire fridge out to clean the bins. I am assuming that the ICONS would be installed in such a way that I cannot do that? (Besides, what a pain -- this is something I'd rather not have to do in my "dream kitchen"!)

Two dealers in the area were not helpful, and I called Electrolux with the question (said they would research & call me back) and no answer yet. I'm starting to wonder if the ICONs are really such a bargain.

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