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Miele Speed Oven or Miele Steam Oven

13 years ago

Miele Speed Oven or Miele Steam Oven. I have the cabinet space and required power for either oven but I cannot make up my mind! Both have convection bake and grill capabilities, similar capacity, reheating it looks like it's down to cooking fast using microwave or cook with steam (which can by nature be fast too).

Miele Chef Speed Oven H4042BM (currently available and there is 10 year free warranty from Miele Canada until 2nd week of June)

Miele Steam Oven DGC 5080 XL (rumoured to be released this fall)

What do you guys think? Which is best for functionality and best bang for buck? Your thoughts and experiences with your own steam oven and/or speed oven are welcome! Thanks in advance!

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