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Large (soaking) tub with shower? Advice please.

8 years ago

We are redoing our master bath, and I am ISO advice on how to do a large soaking tub that includes a shower.

I have been looking at 6ft long 36 inch wide soaking tubs, and some seem to instruct NOT to use as a shower as well. (I.e., Kohler Archer tub).

Our space is very limited. 9'6" length, 9' wide, and I really can't steal any adjoining space. I am moving the door to the center of the 9' front/entry wall to allow for full use of both sides. (Right now the door was offset to the left side wall.) I am also planning on making the door a pocket glass door, to maximize space. (We rarely even shut the bathroom door.)

I had come up with a floor plan allowing for a 5'6" or even 6' soaking tub and a small shower stall separate, but this gets pretty tight, and then the inside dimensions of the shower stall would only be 3' wide and 4' deep, and the shower controls would have to be on the back wall (so the shower head would face the glass door, not ideal . . .). I am thinking that we'd be better off going with just a big tub/nice surround, with a partial glass wall and door at the shower control end.

Requirements for the bathroom:

+ double sink
+ at least a 18" wide linen tower for storage and/or at least 30" of counter level drawers for towels.
+ medicine cabinet storage.
+ A soaking tub that allows for two (fairly small) person bathing. Looks to me that 36" wide by 5'6" would be minimally acceptable . . . 6' length ideal.
+ Some way to shower, either separate or included in large tub.

Given the space limitations, it really seems that a large soaking tub with shower included would make the most sense.

Current sketch would be:

Entry would be a 30" pocket door, set 24" to the right of the left wall, so allowing a nice 24" deep 9'6" length of the left wall for sinks and linen storage, with a pair of nice looking medicine cabs above each sink for toiletry storage.

Then, you'd have a 36" wide aisle down the center of the room to the (exterior) back wall. A small awning window will be at the upper left corner of that back wall. (Only possible window placement due to current addition going in on the back of the house.)

That leaves a 4' wide x 9'6" space along right side of the room. I'd put the tub at the near end of that space (due to the back wall being exterior, so not advisable for plumbing.) If I put a 36" x 6' tub, that leaves me plenty of room for some decking on each side and the back end, too.

I'd then have a 30-36" space "behind" the tub for a pony wall and a partially enclosed (by pony wall) toilet area. (30" is fine. We're living with 24" right now . .. What were they thinking when they put toilets 12" from the side wall in this house?!)

Otherwise, I was going to put a little shower stall in that toilet corner, then I'd have to put the toilet over on part of the vanity wall, which limits storage/sink space a lot.

Thus, I am thinking it makes more sense to go with a big tub with includes shower.

Can you give me some suggestions on specific tubs to look at? And/or any other suggestions on a better layout?

For the tub, I'd like something comfortable to really lounge/soak in for one and for two. The oval or rounded rectangular shapes with some back support seem ideal. Definitely want 18" or greater soaking depth. (Current awful tub has an 8" soaking depth! What were they thinking?!)

We're not huge people (dh and I are both about 5'8" and we are runners/average build), but we do like to soak. I take a bath every night, and we each shower most mornings, and dh showers in the evenings as well (and plus post-runs), so we will use it for both baths and showers, but we very rarely need to both bathe at the same time, and if we do, we are happy to share, lol. So, the separate shower really isn't necessary, but I'd been originally trying to fit it in as it seems like the thing everyone does.

We'll be living in this house for many, many years, so we don't need to worry about what other people would want/like.

Budget wise, I'd like to do this modestly if possible. We are in the midst of a massive addition/reno project, and everything is spend spend . . . So, I'm hoping to find a tub for under $2000 or so. I don't want or need fancy lights/bubbles/etc . .. I would consider a (heated) whirlpool if it was not more than $1000 or so extra . . . So, maybe $3000 top end if it includes (water) jets, but I'd hope to be under $2000 if it is really just a hunk of a tub.

I'm just having trouble actually finding a model of tub that is similar to the Kohler Archer type size/shape, but that doesn't direct you NOT to put with a shower. Should I just disregard that instruction? What makes a tub not good for showering? Maybe the slanted bottom? Or lower grip bottom?

Thanks much,

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