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Found a freaking rattlesnake in the house..., Not room enough for

16 years ago

We went by the new house tonight to discuss some brick work that will take place tomorrow. They have not put in the fancy front doot yet and have two pieces of plywood nailed across the front to keep people out (it didn't work). We have a key to the already installed back door that we use. Somehow the plywood got pushed in enough for someone to be able to squeeze through. I don't know if anyone actually came in as nothing is missing or tore up. We were about to squeeze through to look inside and a 3 foot long rattlesnake was stretched out just inside the front entry way. This was about 8:30 or dark thirty here. The builder was freaking out because he hates snakes just as much as I do and didn't want his workers accidently getting bit tomorrow. We really had nothing to get it out with onsite and it is getting darker by the minute. We go down to the neighbors on the corner to get a hoe or a rake. We come back with a rake, flashlight, and shotgun. The snake had moved in farther when we got back and we couldn't see him looking in from the pushed in plywood. We go back around the house and go through the back door. We look like the three stooges searching a now pitch black house for a loose rattlesnake. We finally found it in one room and he was plenty pissed, coiled, rattling, and ready to fight. We through a 25# box of drywall compound on him and that stunned him but he wasn't down for the count. We were able to trap him with the tines of the rake and drug him through the house and outside where he met his demise. All this with three guys, one flashlight, a pissed off snake and a very dark house inside. It was a circus but there is not room for a dangerous snake inside or even on my 1 acre of land.

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