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I am looking for a site that might have printable forms for things like your passwords, PINs etc.

I got some off of about 2-3 yrs ago, but I can't find them anymore. Comes up as a page error, so i guess the moved or went away.

They also had all kinds of neat forms to keep track of everything.

The one I'm looking for prints in landscape mode, & has a place for the company name at the far left, then columns for Purpose, Web site URL, user name, Password/PIN, other ID & date changed.

I'm not particular if all of these are on the form, but just a basic form to keep track of web sites & passwords-for lack of a better word, a cheat sheet.

Any help will be appreciated!

TIA, Hazel

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You'll find it on here. Near the bottom of the list

Here is a link that might be useful: Printable forms

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Don't forget you can always make a chart in Word, Hazel. It might be more versatile as you could make it specifically to your needs and wants.

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