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Layout Help! for tiny bathroom

15 years ago

We are adding a small guest bath to our loft. (We will be living in this loft for 6-9 months while we are remodeling our home). This is a huge challenge and I could really use some suggestions.

The loft is 660 sq feet. It is 29 (north and south sides) x 21.5 (east and west sides). The 29'sides have a 30" knee wall on both sides. The stairs up to the loft are on the far nw corner of the 21.5' side. A dormer window is to the left of the stairs as you enter the loft about 4' from the sw corner. We are planning to put the bathroom at the se corner. Because of the knee wall and head room required for code, we have a little shy of 6' width due to a window on the east side. We will also be adding a sink for a small kitchenette on the other side of the bathroom wall. Length is not an issue but given plans for the rest of the space, we'd like to keep the bathroom as small as possible. We are trying to keep it at 5x10---that's the challenge!

We are on a lake and are planning a shingle cottage style home. The loft is currently all t&g pine with large dark cedar beams that we will be painting white. I know houseboats have tiny bathrooms but I haven't found any inspirations out there.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. We will be building the bathroom in August! Thanks!

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