pre - 1950's photo's to dvd


Hi all you talented people,

I have a box of pre 1950 photos, that I want to place on DVD with music and send to the family for Xmas.

Indulge me.

#1 Should I use Windows Movie Maker or is there a better program for this task?

#2 Should the photos be scanned in, or, re-shot using a digital camera?

#3 I will be using mostly WWII era shots, other than the choice of music, is there a way to 'tie' in wartime theme so that it doesn't look like a bunch of random shots of family members?

(Cheerful thought for Christmas, eh).

Thanks to you good people!! Any advice to a Luddite will help!

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I don't know if this thread is still alive, but I would scan the photos into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or which ever photo editor you might have. You can edit the images, change whatever you like, like increase contrast, change colors, remove scratches or the like. Then you can move all the photos to a DVD. Hope this helps.

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I believe that Adobe Photo Album will work for what you want to do. The program is simple and straight forward. You will have to scan the photos in to your computer but you could also have someone like Kinkos scan them for you and I think they might even be able to help you sync everything to a piece of music if you asked real nice. Another idea that just struck me is if you have the negatives you might have Wallgreens put the photos on disk.

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My uncle had three containers full of old photos, he took pics with the digital camera and put them on disk, if you have the time to do this it will save you some $$$

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not sure if your still interested but I made a DVD for our Legion by collecting old military photos from members and placing them with downloaded music into a DVD for showing at the club I have photos from WWI through now it's a great showing about 28 minutes long I scanned in the photos, cropped them used the Photo Story3 for windows program and a DVD buring program called Ashampoo8
**a plus was watching the older veterans with tears in their eyes watching friends they had lost.

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