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Shower curtain vs glass doors

corky1_2008 Harris
13 years ago

I am in a quandry. I am redoing my full bath between my study and the guest bedroom. It has a cabinet with a sink, toilet, and shower (no tub) with a sliding class door. The door is in sad shape with rust in the corners. This shower will be used infrequently when my remodel is done. I am thinking that rather than replace the shower door, it would save money to use a shower curtain. I will be using left over marble basketweave tile with a greenish accent piece on the floor the shower. I do not have enough for the entire bathroom floor and am thinking of some type of white tile with marble accent pieces. My designer thinks that the marble basket weave should be on the entire floor (I hope that she can pay for it) and that the shower curtain (I am thinking of some sort of white fabric with a plastic curtain behind it.) would look tacky. What is your opinion?

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