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Need Help on Exterior Trim and Siding Colors. . . .

14 years ago

I don't believe I've ever posted over here. I'm typically just on kitchens, but I really need advice.

Here is our home.

This is our brick.

This is how our home may look with the brick applied. I did it in photoshop.

Long story short, I'm not overly thrilled with the almond windows. My hubby wanted them, so I just went with it, and when I called to change my mind, needless to say they were already in production.

Our roof is black.

My question................

Does anyone out there have two tone (almond/beige windows with white trim)?

Do you like it? I'm thinking. . .to get that "white" look that I truly want, to go for white siding, with the beige trim and white front porch.

Similar to this home. . .

What do you think? Will it look good. I've done it in photoshop, but I would LOVE to see some homes with actual dark roofs, almond windows and white siding.

Thank you so so much!

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