Easter Life Saver Rolls


Here are the instructions to make wrapped life saver rolls. I have several samples done for Easter but haven't figured out how to post pics yet.

To make wrappers all you need is print shop or or whatever software you use to do computer crafts.

You say you want to make a label and then choose a diskette template

that the size is 2-3/4 x 2-3/4" (9 to a page)It is Avery laser label

#5196 on Print shop Avery # 5196 or xerox #LWD170 I got mine at Staples.

Be sure if you buy other brand they are white labels and the right size.

You then just add the things you want on the labels. I put backgrounds,

graphics and text.The diskette size just fits on the lifesaver roll.

You can use the diskette template and just use plain or printed paper

if you have a way to cut them neatly and then glue the ends and then

you don't have the expense of the labels. I use a paper cutter or my

olfa rotary cutter to make them neater.



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