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help please. GC is one of those 'old dogs'

15 years ago

and obviously isn't current on new tricks. i told him i wanted all the showers done with kirdi ...and he has no idea what that is, plus goes on to tell me how his showers NEVER leak, nothing gets past the fiberglass, blah blah blah...

tells me he knows what he's doing get the idea.

i'm not going to fire him over this; he'll have the plumber do what we say (that's another thing, i'm betting the plumber KNOWS about the kirdi) but GC thinks there haven't been any developments in the plumbing world for 30 years.

he also advised me NOT to do a recessed shelf in the shower since "it'll eventually leak".

so, do i wait for the plumber to show up and hope he knows what i'm talking about or do i just print out every post which mentions the kirdi liners and bombard him with reading for the next three weeks?

surely i can't be the only one dealing with old schoolers?

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