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Can I paint bathroom fixtures

16 years ago

Hi everyone - Has anyone ever painted their bathroom fixtures? I (foolishly) purchased a chrome sink faucet and tub shower that has a little trim of brass/gold tone on it. Of course, this is causing me a lot of decorating headaches. For the faucet it's just the tiny button that closes the drain, but the shower has a full ring around the plate and the shower head too. They were very expensive.....more regret. Is there anyway I can either paint the whole thing (either all chrome, or maybe oil rubbed bronze) or even just the trim area? A friend recently purchased a new home and the baths have chrome fixtures with ORB light fixtures over dark wood mirros and it's a lovely combo. So, maybe I could change the shower and then paint the little gold button on the faucet on ORB finish? Thanks!

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