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cast iron vs. acrylic--Emergency!

16 years ago

I know this is an old question, but I have a big problem. I am a real bath person, and I like it when the bath water stays I ordered a 66X32 Kohler Maestro Cast Iron bath for my new master bathroom. Its sitting in my backyard. My plumber came today, and suddenly decided to tell me now, that its not a good idea to use such a bath for a bath/shower combo. Kohler actually makes a kit ("tile-in bead") to put around the bath to protect it from water seeping in. The plumber says thats still not enough.

I asked a bunch of people who have installed drop-ins as 3 wall alcove shower/baths, and they all said it was okay if its "done right." Here are my choices:

1. The plumber said he'll do it, but he won't guarantee the work. Do it anyway.

2. Return this tub and order a regular integral apron bath which will at least be cast iron.

3. Return this tub and order a bath with a tile flange, which will be acrylic, but kohler quality. It will look better, but the bath won't be as good. (I love the way tile looks going up the side of the bath.)

There is a cast iron bath with tile flange, but its a fortune, way out of my budget, so its not option 4. I need to decide by tomorrow and I don't know what to do! Any comments would be appreciated.

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