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What is the trick to getting a general contractor?

10 years ago

I still can't get a good contractor to give me a proper quote and a start date. I have original blueprints, new scaled drawings, detailed cabinetry drawings, a complete shopping list and my own rough estimate budget spreadsheet, which contractors have said is realistic. The project is $29k and should be able to complete within 3 weeks. I've contacted three contractors that I know/trust, and I just cannot seem to get any of them to commit.

I'm so frustrated I'm considering just doing the GC part myself and hiring the plumber, electrician, carpenter and tile setter. I'd rather do that than hire a low quality contractor -- from my experience, it's better to do it myself because at least I give a darn how it turns out. My house is nice, it cost me a lot to buy it and I don't want hack work done to it.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to find anyone reputable who is interested in doing the work. Should I be calling every day and pestering them? I feel like three requests to set up a meeting/provide an estimate are enough. Any tips would be welcome.

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