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Mold Removal from leather Books via Moth Balls or Ozone Questions

13 years ago

This message is for Molly who posted her advice on 3/23 & 25/2007 regarding freezing books to eradicate mold or anyone who can help.

Dear Molly and Mold Experts,

Molly, Thank You for your advice on Village Garden Web regarding mold removal from leather books.

I have a severe problem with mold on several 100 leather books with gold tooling that were packed away for several years after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana in 2005. I and husband live in high humidity and my husband dislikes AC.

I have a couple questions which I hope you may have investigated or have more knowledge.

Purdue University says "Place books in a closed container with moth crystals to stop mold growth." What do you think?

I have read alot about machines that kill mold that can be used for large areas. I am interested in one ozone machine on Ebay titled Commercial Ozone Generator kills Mold, Ebay Item No.Item number: 370286856402. This Seller has a separate web page,, which I have read extensively. I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this type of mold removal machine using ozone, since I have house mold, as well as book mold.

My personal email is Hope to hear back from Molly or anyone who reads this and knows how to get my message to Molly or has advice to help.


SouthernJan in Mold Trouble since Hurricane Katrina.

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