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Why no national licensing for GC's?

15 years ago

Just found out that our GC is rumored to be back in business in Alabama. All the money he stole in Mississippi must be going to the lawyers, because they've been able to keep pushing his trials out. I heard that he pulled the same stunt in Nevada, and I think another state as well, although obviously not stealing enough money for those states to prosecute.

I know you're innocent until proven guilty, but the charges against this guy are pretty bad. He skipped town after signing 3 contracts - that is, after he collected the 10% down payments. Those were the worst of the 13 or so people he defrauded. He also stole material, and stole tools from his employees.

I feel sorry for his new clients. Hopefully he and his wife will be in jail later this year but I hate to hear that there's a new bunch of people out there that he is going to be allowed to steal from.

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