Should I re-think my floor in the white-white-white-cream bath?

12 years ago

I had intended to use a stark white vinyl flooring, with a tiny black accent dot, along with all the other stark white in my small bathroom make-over.

I have white Kraftmade cabinets, ultra-white paint on walls and ceiling, Kohler white tub, toilet, and sink.

Now that the tub tile (AO "gloss white") is showing itself to have the faintest hint of cream (?) I think I might need to reevaluated the flooring.

What do you think of using a pale off-white tile, with perhaps swirls of white-white mixed in, and the silver grey grout to match the tub surround? And a few black tiles thrown in to pull together the other black elements? They are Silestone "Stellar Night" counter top, black painted medicine cabinets, black toilet seat, and an eventuall black painted tall storage cabinet.

What color or texture of floor would you use? I had planned on sheet vinyl, but I could, possibly, use tile.

Any ideas, suggestions, or wake-up calls are greatly appreciated.

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