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Boston-Area Home Inspector Recommendation

12 years ago

Hi--I'm having a new home built by a builder-developer. I am looking for recommendations for a home inspector in the Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area.

This is for a pre-drywall/pre-insualation inspection. I have caught numerous mistakes by the contractor and subs myself thus far, so I'm looking for somebody very smart, experienced and careful. I need a very meticulous inspection and need someone with expertise in many areas.

I also need someone who can specifically address the hvac system in the house--sufficiency of vents and returns, whether the system can adequately cool and heat the entire house, etc. If that takes a separate inspector, I am prepared to pay a second person.

I'd appreciate any recommendations anyone can give me and, in particular, inspectors you've worked with who you think are excellent and who you thought were mediocre (so I can avoid the latter).


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