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classic/period/retro white hex/subway advice?

15 years ago

Hello everyone -- I am renovating my tiny master bath in my tiny circa 1820-1830 two-bay Creole cottage in New Orleans. The house was last renovated 30 years ago. The bathroom is very small and tucked in the eaves of the roof, in the former attic space on the second loor. It has a 30" vanity and a shower -- no tub. There is beadboard on the walls now, which I will keep but paint white. The countertop of my old cypress vanity will be Cararra marble.

I want to do an old-fashioned retro bathroom for that timeless look, and I was thinking of plain white 1" hex tiles on the floor in both the room and the shower, and white 3 x 6 subway tiles on the walls of the shower stall. I realize that strictly speaking, the flat tiles from Subway Ceramics and other specialized sources are the true authentic style of tile, but I'm not willing to spend the extra money -- since this house and the other renovations are all pretty expensive, I need to save somewhere. So, I gather that my sources are going to be American Olean and Daltile. I am not too picky about all this: I just want the most classic, vintage-y look possible.

I have been searching through the forum and have learned so much already, so thanks to everyone. I saw on another post that Bill Vincent said: "You're never going to match two different materials, or two different lines of tile up exactly, nor should one expect to see that happen. ESPECIALLY white. It's actually the hardest color to match, even in the same material! That said, the gloss white rittenhouse with the 1" hex is as classic as it gets, REGARDLESS of the fact that they don't match up exactly in color."

So my question is: OK, I'll get the Rittenhouse in gloss white, and the 1" hex in __________ (what is the name of the 1" hex color)?

Also, what would the most classic grout color be? (I'm not sure of the brand I'll be buying, but I know there are a handfful of major ones and I'm sure I can get any of those.) And grout lines should simply be as narrow as possible on the subways?

Of course, if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be thrilled to hear them, too! Thanks!

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