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Marvin Integrity Quote vs Andersen 100's

12 years ago

Hello all-

(crossposted to Windows Forum as well)

I am a lurker (mostly on Kitchens), but I'm coming out of the woodwork as we are preparing for a new build this summer.

We will be GC'ing the build ourselves and are currently working to gather up remaining bids, one of which is windows. Our home is approx 5500 sq ft, and we're building in OK. The climate here can be extreme, especially in the summers, and we will have some big west-facing windows, so we are trying to plan accordingly.

We just got quotes back: $19,600 for the Marvin Integrity full-Ultrex and $11,100 for the Andersen 100s.

My husband thinks the Integrity line isn't worth the $8,500 difference, but I am not so sure and am hoping to get some opinions from you all. We are definitely on a budget, and every dollar saved is important, but of course we don't want to sacrifice quality.

Thoughts?? Thanks so much!

~ Mastiff

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