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I've asked this before--maybe someone has a new way re: laminate

9 years ago

I know I've asked this before but maybe some new readers or some regulars have some new ideas. How do you get the shine back to a laminate wood floor? I regularly clean my laminate kitchen floor with the Bona mop and handwood floor cleaner. It looks fantastic--when it's wet!!! Then it dries and even though it is mostly clean it is dull looking and "looks" dirty again. With two four-legged members of the family it gets a lot of dirt, sand and debris from the yard tracked in (yes, we do have mats outside and just inside the doorways). But Have any of you with laminate floors been able to bring back the shine your laminate had when you took it out of the box a few years back and installed it? Just wondering what will work, if anything. Thanks.

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