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Trips over

13 years ago

Hi Everyone,

We had a great time in Vegas with our friends in spite of the very hot temps there! Sure lots to see and do, and waaay too much good food at those buffets! LOL I was laughing about the "tablescape" or lack thereof at the Tournament of Kings dinner/show! Not even any silverware--you sip soup from a bowl and eat with your fingers! LOL

It seems that everyone here is busy enjoying their summer too. Hard to believe that school will soon be starting again for all the kiddos. Best to get out and do things while we can, there will be time for pretty tables and holiday decorations later. In fact, my new painting magazines both have Fall decor in them already!

I felt so bad about DD's accident, hope both she and her DH recover quickly. And Lynne, I know you probably feel a big knot in your stomach at having your DS gone now. Jaybird, are you doing okay? Heard it is pretty hot in your area right now. Betty is so fortunate to have that cute little GS right next door. Those little ones always give us smiles don't they? Kathleen has had some fun meeting up with an old friend and meeting another blogger. She also lost a dear friend so I know she is feeling sad about that. So glad to have Jane checking in to let us know how she's doing. Hope her recovery from her surgery is a quick one. Magpie has been by too, and Printer's Devil let us know she's busy, busy, busy right now, but we haven't heard from some of our other regulars for awhile. I know Karen is busy making neat stuff for her yard since I also check in on the GJ forum from time to time. Sure hope Mary Ruth will be back with info on her new home, and our Jim sure has been neglecting us--hope he is okay.Yachter has been too busy to share her great YS finds this summer, I miss those, she always finds the best things. I try to check Tam's blog frequently to see what she is up to, hope all of you visit her too. Can't help but worry and wonder about Judith, she really got allot of us interested in decorating, vignettes and tablescapes. Hope she is completly recuperated and just having lots of fun and too busy to come play with us now! ;o) If I've forgotten anyone, please forgive me, I now have "senior" moments you know!

As much as we hate to think of summer ending, I really look forward to all the pretty Fall decor and then the Christmas decorating is so awesome on here. This year should be really fun with all the new blogs to check out as well.

Enjoy your weekend and keep coming by to chat even if you're not doing any tablescapes or other decorating okay?


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