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Help with choosing a central vac.

12 years ago

We want a central vac for our new house. I don't want to waste allot of peoples time with getting bids, I just want to make sure I am getting what we need at a fare price. This is what I got on the bid.

� 1 � AstroVac SR-64, twin motor 240 volt, 20 amp dedicated circuit

� 1 � DustMate MF510 Attachment set with 30� hose and goodies

� 1 � Car Care Kit � CK-20

� 9 � Standard Low-Volt Inlets - Color TBD

� 1 � Standard Low-Volt Inlet in Garage for Auto Care

� 4 � DustPan inlets located in Hall, Utility, Kitchen, and Master Bath

All Pipe, Fittings, Labor, Travel, and Freight

The following Warranties will apply:

Lifetime on Power Unit Body

3 Year Limited Motor Warranty and Electronics

2 Year Warranty on all accessories

1 year Warranty on Labor

� The complete installed price is $3,650, which includes the 20 amp dedicated circuit.

Thanks for your input

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