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Thermidor gas or dual fuel range vs Wolf gas range

14 years ago

We are contemplating 3 different ranges: (1) Thermidor ProHarmony gas (2) Thermidor ProHarmony dual fuel (on sale!) and (3)Wolf gas range.

We have never owned a gas range and we are not gourmet chefs, but we like to cook stirfries and roasts, and we sometimes do simple baking like cookies and banana bread.

Is anyone aware of issues with the Thermidors or Wolf. In particular

1. reliability of ignition for the Thermidor or Wolf

2. reliablity of the electronics on the Thermidor dual fuel

3. cleanability of the cooktop tray & the oven racks for the Thermidor or Wolf

4. the self-clean on the Thermidor dual fuel

5. the performance of the grill and griddle accessories (including the Thermidor titanium no-stick - does it flake off like teflon?)

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