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Kohler Archer or Americh Madison?

11 years ago

I'm trying to make a preliminary decision without having sat in either. Still trying to track them down in a showroom. I only have room for a 5 ft length.

The armrests on the Madison look a lot like the ones I have on my current tub, which are really comfortable. Here's what I'm getting from the spec sheets:

Archer-- drop in only

basin width at narrowest point= 19 11/16

basin length = 45

depth, to base of drain= 15

finished floor to top of tub= 19

width- outside = 32

Madison, 32" drop in or undermount

basin width at narrowest point= 18

basin length = 40

depth, to base of drain= 15

finished floor to top of tub= 22

width- outside = 32

From what I see here, this makes me conclude that the Archer has a straighter back (longer basin length, same overall length). The width will be fine for either one (I compared to my current tub).

Looks like the Archer has an advantage for a step-in situation, since it has the same water depth, but is 3" shorter, so that's what they get with the linear drain. But this tub will have an adjacent shower and I now have a tall tub that I sit on the edge of and swing my legs over to get in and out, so to some degree, higher is better.

Any opinions? Based on experience or even just a check on my logic-- just let me know which it is!

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