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Question for Owners of the GE Profile Induction Range

11 years ago

Would any owners of the GE Profile induction range be willing to do an experiment for me? Apparently there is absolutely no appliance showroom anywhere accessible to me that has one of these things as a working model, LOL

Last night I timed how long it took for a specific amount of water to come to a boil on our current kitchenâÂÂs Wolf smoothtop cooktop. I put 6 cups of cold tap water into a 2 quart pot (6 1/2â diameter stainless steel pot, straight sided, on a 6 ýâ burner element), covered the pot with a lid so as to bring it to the boil as fast as possible, and turned the burner on High.

It took 14 min. 12 seconds for the 6 cups of cold tap water in a 2 quart pot to come to a boil on the Wolf. I would love it if someone could time how long it takes for the same amount of water in the same size pot to come to a boil on the GE profile induction range!

I have had the Wolf cooktop for 10 years and somehow I don't seem to recall it taking as long as this to boil this amount of water, but maybe it's just senility setting in LOL.

Many thanks in advance!

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