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OT-Just checking in...

16 years ago

Hi ladies and gentlemen...

It's been a while since I posted and I just wanted to check in and say 'Hi'...:)

This summer has been really busy for me has been crazy...and I haven't done any tablescapes or decorating...or shopping for that matter...:(

Yardwork has been taking up much of my time and my oldest son is immigrating from Germany...he'll get here on Thursday and I am so very excited to finally have him home...:)

My youngest started working part time to save some money for a car...and before ya know it... school will start for him again.

We've had a few backyard bbq's and family get togethers and I still have a few of them planned before the summer is over...and then of course I'll have to close the pool...put all the patio furniture away and winterize the

Soooo...needless to say it'll be a little bit until I can be more active on these boards again...but I wanted to let you all know I miss y'all and hope you are having a great summer...:)

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