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Please help me decide on range and hood!

11 years ago

I also posted this on the Kitchens forum, can use all the help I you can give....

I'm new to the forum -- I am so excited to find you all!

We are starting a kitchen renovation, which will give us a lot more working area & storage space within the same smallish footprint. Cabinets have been ordered, granite countertop nearing decision, general look & feel of the kitchen decided. I'm sure I will be coming back with other questions later.

We will be keeping current GE SS Profile fridge, and current Bosch SS dishwasher. I need a 30" range. No room really, to do separate double ovens and cooktop, nor a larger range. I will be making the switch to gas -- had cooked on gas stoves for years & definitely prefer to electric, though I've unfortunately been using electric for too many years recently. Considering dual fuel -- but some say it's great, and others not necessary, gas ovens will do fine. I want the look of a professional range -- but not the pricetag.

So, I don't want to spend an arm & leg -- would rather use the $$ for travel. Looking at somewhere around $2500 or less -- but could go up to $3500 if warranted. At this point, could do either freestanding or slide-in, since cabinets & countertops aren't in yet.

But on the other hand, I love to cook. Our family gatherings several times a year often have 12 of us gathered around the dining table. An example of my cooking: Christmas tradition in our family has become Beef Wellington, with dessert of Buche de Noel (Julia Child's recipes with my own unique twists). I keep trying to convince everyone there are lots of great other options out there that aren't so time-consuming, but DH & grown kids (& now their spouses) love these too much. In the past, I have taught French cooking. Now, work keeps me too busy to do too much of it, not to mention the waistline! But, I would still really appreciate good equipment in my kitchen.

I've been lurking here, and reading reviews on other sites, trying to decide on which gas or dual-fuel range. Several people have recommended the GE Cafe, and then I read some very negative reviews about it. Saw raves here on the Bertalozzi, but reports of small oven & fan running automatically. MIxed reviews of Electrolux. How is Bosch?

So: GE Cafe? Bosch? Electrolux? Bosch? Bertalozzi? Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Range Hood: I love the look of the Zephyr Savona chimney hood. The hood will be a focal point of the kitchen. Also looking at a similar-looking Kobe. I don't do a lot of stir fry or other frying. Any advice here also welcome.

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