Bathroom creation - from scratch! Ideas needed!

7 years ago

My husband and I did a major kitchen renovation a couple years ago that we continue to love today. We live in a 3000 sq ft house that has a formal living room and dining room that we only use 2x a year (my book club and our Christmas party). Directly above those rooms on the 2nd floor is the master suite.

We are contemplating turning the formal living room and dining room into a new master suite. Having said that, we can't have it be a carbon copy because the upstairs master has a walk-in closet that NOT over the living/dining room section of the house.

Our current bedroom space is 22x13, which is way too big. We are most likely going to have the 1st floor master be closer to 16x13. The closet will be 8'11"x6". This leaves us with an 8'11"x7'6" master bath. We have NO idea how to design the bathroom space.

We know the entry door will be on the lower east wall, turn in toward west.
There will be one window, 36" wide, center on the north wall.
We only want a 3x3 shower, toilet, two sinks (preferably with cabinet storage) and a modest linen closet. No tub at all.

You guys helped us so much in the kitchen forums with feedback on our kitchen remodel, we're hoping you can help with ideas on the bathroom! Any ideas on what we can do?

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