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Question About Shower Tile Edge - for tile gurus? [with pics]

11 years ago


I'm hoping someone can help me out with a problem in my newly tiled master bath shower. I'm not quite sure what the problem is or what the fix is; I just know when I look at it, it looks wrong. Please excuse the mess in these pictures. We're still in the midst of painting and the Silestone ledge still has to be installed.

This is the bottom edge of the outer shower wall where it meets a pony wall. Aside from the primer that leaked through under the blue painter's tape and the little bit of thinset?/"mud" edge that is visible, it seems alright.

However, as you move up the same edge, the thinset?/mud grows thicker and more visible.

Now, our tile setter explained this was going to happen to some degree. He told us our wall wasn't even/flat/plumb and that he was going to have to "float it out" (his words). What we didn't expect was that it was going to look so UNFINISHED, especially once the paint was on and the thinset?/"mud" edge was no longer blending into the fresh plaster.

Is there a fix? A cover-up? Did our tile guy mess up? Is this just something people live with when renovating old houses with crazy walls? Do I just paint over that thinset?/"mud" edge and cross my fingers?

On the bright side, it's in the far corner of the bathroom and very few people will see it...except me when I sit at the makeup counter, where it will torment for days, and months, and years without end. =P

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