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Best 48 inch range for 15k

9 years ago

Sorry if this has been posted before but I'm new to the site and wanted to get some opinions from you folks. I'm looking to replace my 48 inch Viking range that is 4 years old. It is the biggest disappointment of our new house and I'm growing tired of all of its issues/quarks etc. I don't want to buy a Viking "clone"... looking for something different ( if that makes sense).

I'm a foodie that loves to cook and try out new recipes... I cook almost every night for the wife and kids. I also love to entertain. All of our "events" are centered around the kitchen so I would like the best of both worlds... beautiful stove that functions well.

I have looked at le Cornue as an option but that is a little out of my price range ( OK a lot out of my price range) at 35K. I'm thinking somewhere in the 15 to perhaps even 20K but it would have to be a show stopper at 20K.

Any thoughts and advice much appreciated...


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