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Deep Cleaning A House

18 years ago

We just closed on our new house, and the house itself is in a bit of a shambles. The sellers were very old, and the relationship between them and us was...problematic. So they didn't bother to do any cleaning before they left, and as they are pretty old and having trouble getting around much, I don't think stuff had been cleaned in a while. We have quite a job in front of us.

We'll be doing a quick steam cleaning of the (very nasty, stained) carpeting so we can live with it for the few weeks until we start installing hardwood. But I'd like suggestions on how to handle certain other sections of the house:

1) Some of the walls are stained by furniture rubbing against it and others are just kind of grungy looking. What is best to use on matte painted walls? This is temporary, because we will be painting them, but I would like to get some of the ingrained dirt off first, since we won't be painting for at least a few weeks.

2) Any ideas of what to use to wash a fireplace made of brick? We'll be painting it soon, but I assume it needs to be washed beforehand.

3) The kitchen cupboards need a good scrubbing on the inside cupboard shelves themselves. Most of the shelves seem to be made of some sort of white pressboard stuff -- what would be good to use on that?

4) One wall of cupboards have some sort of contact paper on the shelves that is godawful ugly, and kind of sticky and nasty with stains and stuff. Is it worth my while to try to pull that up and put down new contact paper, or should I just try to cover the old contact paper with new? I don't think it's likely that I can remove the contact paper and remove the glue used underneath, which is a shame, as I'd rather not have contact paper. If any of you have any suggestions on how to remove the old contact paper and get rid of the glue residue, I'm all ears. Maybe I could remove it, and then just paint over it? The rest of the inside of these cupboards in question are painted white...

If any of you have any suggestions for other things to look for or do while doing a deep cleaning, let me know. I want to start off by having this place as spic and span as possible before moving in.

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