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Microsilk vs. Air Tub (Jason) OR Bain Ultra

10 years ago

Apologies for the additional thread. I realize there was an earlier thread on the Jason Microsilk but apparently it was hijacked and I'd rather have opinions/advice from real users and installers of the product.

I would like to hear some opinions on the air tub vs. the microsilk technology. Hubby sort of wanted a whirlpool tub for massage until I explained to him I'd rather not clean the jets. He's on board with soaking with bubbles, just need to determine which model and price. Not sure whether to go with microsilk or straight air tub. The combo model seems pricey at additional 2K so he probably won't want to spend that much. I think he had sticker shock at the base prices.

I haven't found any prices on line yet for the Bain Ultra for me to use for budgeting purposes. Obviously the Jason site provides pricing on each model. We're looking for 60 x 32. Probably the Amma (if Bain Ultra) or the Encore for Jason (EC527)

Has anyone bought the Jacuzzi air tub? I don't think we have any MTI dealers near here.

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