Closet organization systems--please advise.

8 years ago

In the process of remodeling three bathrooms and redoing paint and flooring in the rest of the house, we ended up taking down rods and shelves in all of our closets.

Closet systems were not part of the scope of work--our responsibility, not the contractor's. He recommended a closet system installer, but my husband wanted to explore other options including doing it ourselves. Unfortunately, we delayed too long.

With all of the other decisions we had to make for the major remodel, we did not get our act together to plan the closets while the rest of the work was being done. Now we are stuck with no where to hang anything we own.

We left for Japan just 2 days after the contractor completed the majority of his job. When we return home in a few days, we have to finish arranging furniture and we will face piles of everything that came out of the old closets.

Figuring out what to do in all of the closets is now a top priority. We need a plan for 3 bedroom closets, the entry coat closet, a new small pantry and the laundry room.

We will welcome suggestions for design/install companies or for resources for obtaining diy materials. My husband is very handy, but he may not have time to do it all himself.

What materials are best? What features should we be sure to include for each space?

Thank you for your help.

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