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sweeping wood kitchen floor without vacuum

I can't vacuum due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Husband does the carpet but the wood kitchen floor is my Waterloo. I work at home and have to see it in daylight! When I use a broom it seems just to chase the dust/hair/crumbs around. I have a Swiffer but it's loaded after a few swipes. I'm afraid I'm not a good enough housekeeper to use one everyday and keep it up. Then when I wash the floor I see I'm still pushing particles around.

My mom always used a fluffy yarn-type dry dust mop with a big head on the wood floors, but she didn't have a wood floor in the kitchen. (Are those still available?) I remember her sending me outside to beat the head against the bricks on the house! On my kitchen floor it would be catching on spills and sticky stuff, would it still be useful (you can machine wash those heads, right?). What really traps the dust/dirt?

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