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Will these finishes look good together?

9 years ago

I am planning for my master bathroom. I think this looks good, but I would love some input on my choices. Nothing is set in stone, except for the light fixtures and the cabinetry. Tile is up for grabs! That is my big....question mark.

Here is my plan:

The small format grey tile would be the floor of the shower. The walls of the shower would be either a large rectangular tile or subway tile, which would match the floor.
The floor would be 12x12 marble looking porcelain tile, laid on a diagonal.
White painted wainscoting

Example of marble looking porcelain tile (looks better in person):

My biggest question is the floor. Home Depot had this example, and I think it is very pretty. I am thinking about getting that accent tile and doing that exact same thing to my floor. But I am very cautious with my choices, and I am worried that I might get sick of the accent tile. Or, does this even look good? Please let me know, I am very confused!

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